Reading Notes - Lesson Learned from Software Rewrites

Today, I read a good article about how to deal with legacy system. Instead of dumping the legacy system to trash straight away, they build a strangler system to replace it step by step. Before they build the strangler system, they collected many feedback from users to eliminate those so-called "dead features" which users don't care about or don't use at all. And most importantly, every time they deliver a new component/service, they just redirect the user request to the new component/service in the back end instead of forcing the user to use new interface, all of those changes are transparent to the users, users even don't know what happen behind the scene, this help a lot when they migrate the legacy system to the new one.

I think this article shows us a great example how to migrate/deal with the legacy system. I have a feeling I would run into the same scenario in the short future.

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