How to Resolve JConsole "the management agent is not enabled on this process"

On the other day, I ran into a weird situation. I opened the JConsole as usual, to my surprise, I found all local process grey out except for the Jconsole itself as below:

and when I click on one process, it would show "The Management agent is not enabled on this process" as below:

The weird thing is, it worked OK before, and I had not done anything to it!

The first "Solution" I googled out is :
1.Create a temp folder “C:\Tmp”
2.Change Windows default temp folder to your folder in System Environment variables.
3.Restart your Java Application and JConsole.

Unfortunately, it didn't work.

The second try is add "" as VM parameter when you run the java application, still no luck, though.

After long time google search without a real solution, I almost gave up. Suddenly, an idea crossed my mind, how about checking other java build-in tools? So I open the Java installation bin directory, and click on every file with *.exe extension. All is good until I open the jvisualvm.exe, it turned out to be:

What a similar symptom! I got a feeling that I was close to the truth! Then I followed to the link as the error message said to found this explanation and workaround:

Local Applications Cannot Be Monitored (Error Dialog On Startup)

Description: An error dialog saying that local applications cannot be monitored is shown immediately after VisualVM startup. Locally running Java applications are displayed as (pid ###).
Resolution: This can happen on Windows systems if the username contains capitalized letters. In this case, username is UserName but the jvmstat directory created by JDK is %TMP%\hsperfdatausername. To workaround the problem, exit all Java applications, delete the %TMP%\hsperfdatausername directory and create new %TMP%\hsperfdata_UserName directory.

And I made the changes as it said and guess what? It worked! And added bonus is, JConsole worked normally as well!

Although I have fixed that problem, I don't know the defacto root cause to it. I guess it is because both JConsole and JVisualVM need that foler to store runtime data, but some other programs happened to modify that folder's name to lower case username. But I don't know which program I have ran/installed.

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